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Cornell University

Fischbach Lab

We apply engineering principles to understand how tissue microenvironments influence cancer initiation, development, and therapy response.

Jenny Deng

Jenny Deng
Jenny Deng

I received my B.S. in biomedical engineering from Boston University in 2023. My undergraduate research project involved cloning and characterizing recombinase-based, light-inducible genetic circuits. I recently began my PhD at Cornell University’s Meinig School of Biomedical Engineering.

My current research project seeks to explore the role of stromal cells in the tumor microenvironment of breast cancer tissue. I hope to build a more complex and complete breast cancer tumor microenvironment model by incorporating different cell types (endothelial, adipose, and tumor) in a 3D biomimetic matrix. Outside of the lab, I enjoy engaging in science education with the local community, learning about personal finance and financial literacy, improving my cooking skills, and picking up crocheting.